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I've learned a lot from u @places_and_spaces and I'm truly appreciative. The biggest lesson I learned from u is forgiveness! I forgive u for stealing my per diem as u shuttled me around the globe on the Kelis tour many yrs ago. I forgive you for intercepting my stash of BAPE when Nigo was being generous to the young upstart of Pusha-T. I forgive you for cutting my BBC/Ice Cream supply for no apparent reason when I was a supporter wearing irregular tees out of love for the family. I forgive you for drinking too much and starting fights with people in there native countries where we were just visitors, I didn't wanna fight those people Loic. I never wanted to, but "Drinking Loic" likes to fight, so I complied... I forgive u for making me room with "Tour Strangers," you didn't know those people or their backgrounds...did u know some of them ended up in the news later in life? Most of all I forgive u for this very look on your face...this look of disgust was something I hated from u anytime I needed to ask anything of u. I hope you u find a sense of healing on your birthday Loic, HBD...



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