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Happy Birthday to one of the great philosophers of our day. U are responsible for great phrases like "minus well" translation (might as well) and "Whoomie whoom" (I still don't know what the fuck that mean) but you are my brother and trust I understand you. You are the living breathing "Goodwill" to the 757 and beyond...I don't know who has paid more rents than you, I don't know who has paid more car notes than you, given away more used cars than you, loaned more money than you, paid more day care bills than you, bought more college text books than you, got more weaves done than you, or paid for more weekend outfits than be honest I don't know what the DMV would do without you. Today we all should celebrate @youngmoney_yawn on his birthday for everything he does for the community everyday!! It's our turn to give back y'all. @youngmoney_yawn will be posting all the great gifts he receives for the next few days...Lets show him how much we appreciate him on his day, Vegas on me tonight b. #Love



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